Ordering an 'Angel Shot' at The Bar Is a Lifesaving Trick to Know for Every Woman

Every female who's ever been on the dating scene understands that while there may be plenty of fish in the ocean, you'd rather throwback. Chances are, if you're actively dating to attempt to discover Mr. Right, you're going to go on lots of completely good dates with boys who're just not right.

And, unfortunately, most women are going to go on one or two horrifyingly memorable dates with utterly scary guys— those who seem too scary to you, and just don't take no for a response.

It has only become more hazardous since the emergence of online dating, but fortunately, folks are now banding together in reaction to putting an end to frightening dating nights.

U.K. Bars that encourage females to "ask Angela" if they have difficulty with their date. Now, for females who need an out of a poor date — or even police assistance — a comparable trend is emerging. An "angel shot" is all they need to do.

Recently, signs have appeared in women's toilets in bars and restaurants, instructing women to order an "angel shot" if they believe they may be in risk

They have written on their poster at Bar is 

"Are you on an unsuccessful date? Isn't your date of Tinder or Plenty of Fish who they said was on their profile? Do you feel unsafe, or even a little strange?" To assist, we're here. Just go to the bar to order a shot of an angel.

With a few more particular tidbits, the poster continues; how you order your drink will affect how they manage the situation for you.

"Neat: Your bartender will escort you to your vehicle  

With Ice: Your bartender will call an Uber of Lift for you.

With Lime: Your bartender will call the police."

They add, "We're going to manage stuff discreetly and without much fuss (we've been there and we want you to know you're in excellent hands."

The campaign launched by the angel is not the first of its kind. The concept (and some wording) appears to be borrowed from the initiative "Ask for Angela" launched in Lincolnshire, UK.

The concept here is to ask Angela at the bar for a friend and get a secure escort out.

Nevertheless, we like the concept of providing distinct types of "drinks" to assist a female decide how to handle a situation.

If she wishes to maintain things mellow and prevent getting angry with her date, she can only give an excuse and get her out of the bartender.

If she thinks that her date is a risk to herself or anyone else, she may involve the police.

After all, sometimes when you're out with wives, a full stranger grabs you, and you might have to cope with that rapidly.

Since the "angel shot" idea is becoming better and better known, it suggests that every bar that implements this policy produces its own "code drink." Hang a sign in every stall in the ladies ' room with a key to get away securely from a frightening date and assist numerous females!

Women going to a bar alone may also want to attempt to call ahead with the bartender or bouncer to arrange a private signal. If you support the angel shot to safeguard females, be sure to share with every female you understand this concept!

And sometimes your poor date is your girlfriend or wife — intimate partner violence is far more prevalent than a stranger's attack, so any female in any scenario should feel empowered to order an angel shot and get the hell away from the individual who threatens her.

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