How To Deal With Someone You Don’t Want to Talk To

Sometimes you meet people you wish to avoid. While you can take measures to completely avoid this person, it is not always possible to avoid talking to someone altogether. If it comes to avoiding someone you don't want to communicate with from connecting yourself with someone you do want to talk to, there are many ways for avoiding those circumstances.

Treat everything with civility

Treat everything with civility

When you meet someone you don't want to speak to, if you two have a history, try to remain respectful. Being courteous and not allowing anyone to bring you into revenge is a successful way to keep any discussion short.

You can not always stop anyone you don't want to talk to absolutely. Yet by keeping a friendly poker face, you can reduce your interactions with this person. Pause, and breath deep. It depends on themselves. Your goal is to put this interaction to an end as soon as possible.

Excuse yourself respectfully from the discussion. Rather than behaving similarly to the other human. Remain calm and say you have to meet a friend or have a dinner date. You can then exit the situation.

Draw up your own boundaries

Draw up your own boundaries

You don't always have to tell everyone you want to avoid what your limits are but you should know what you're able to accept. Stand, and stick to your ground.

There could be boundaries both psychologically and physically. You have a right to your personal space and it's okay to be specific about what you mean by that space. Whether you're dealing with a friend, schoolmate, or ex, be clear about how and when you're willing to interact with that person. Though it can be challenging, don't be afraid, to be honest.

If someone has a history of invading your personal space, simply tell this person to allow you more physical space the next time you have an encounter. You should also be upfront at the start of the conversation that you have only a certain amount of time to speak. You may also tell someone that you want to communicate by email or by text.

Ask for help

ask for help

If you don't really want to engage with someone but are having a hard time avoiding that person, ask for help from people. You can get assistance from colleagues, family, boss or counselor. Consider talking to someone who can help like your boss or counselor if you feel that you can't stop this person because you have a class or work with that individual.

Explain calmly why the person can't be around you. This person can make it difficult for you to complete your work, as you are uncomfortable. You might not be able to concentrate in class because that person isn't going to leave you alone. Ask an authority figure why you need to be excluded from your relationship with this person.

Ignore the person

Chances are you're not the only one trying to avoid a specific human. Look out how you are coping with someone you want to stop. If you've tried more methods that haven't worked upfront, just ignore the person.

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