9 Things You Should Never Do To a Girl with Trust Issues

Trust is the glue that binds any relationships. Without trust, it's nearly impossible for a relationship to last longer. In a relationship, belief is more important than love. It will enhance your romance. As we know girls are the susceptible and rather emotional creature.

So, my dear brother here are 9 Things You should never do To a Girl with Trust Issues:

1. Never flirt with other women

If you respect your girl, if you want to see her happy, if you care about her then never flirt with any other women. You might take it as usual but she won’t.

2. Never lie to her

A relationship without faith is like having a telephone with no service. All bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing. So, never lie to her, even about small things. No matter how honest you were to her, a single lie is enough to break her trust, forever.

3. Never keep secrets from her

The most important thing in any relationship is trust and faith in how much you trust her/him. So, when a girl believes you blindly, then I would suggest you not to keep her in the dark. Never hide any secrets from her because trust is the only thing that comes after the passage of time and efforts. Just share everything with her. Don’t make her wonder whether you can be trusted or not.

4. Never come home late without letting her inform

You need to let her know if you stuck in traffic or you have some extra kinds of stuff in the office to do. At least you must send her a text.

Otherwise, she is going to assume the worst. She is going to worry you all the time.

5. Never ignore her questions

Be frank with her. If she asks whom you are texting, calling or talking, tell her everything. Never hide anything from her. You don’t need to give her complete details, but make sure you should at least give her a quick explanation. And never try to avoid her questions else she is going to assume even more worst.

6. Never give her a reason to discredit or doubt you

Do what you say. Never make fake promises about anything.

Be true with her. Once she gets lied by you, she won’t believe you again. So, never give her any single reason not to trust you because Trust is the essential ingredient in any relationship. It’s the foundational principle that holds all connections.

7. Never discourage her

Never discourage her in any of the things she wants to do. Be her encourager. You should never try to be the reason for her weakness. If you discourage or insult her, then she will be going to pull herself away from you.

8. Never Cheat on her

Never cheat on her, no matter what because "you are the only person, she’ll want and trust. It will kill her inside and outside. If you didn't end your relationship with the previous one, then you should never start a relationship with another girl. I would suggest you do not lie to the lady of your life for the hoe of the bedtime.

9. Never stare and drool over other women

We all do it. Men, women, girls, boys…. Every single one of us looks. But, never make her feel incompetent. Don't shove her toward suspicion, never force her to draw comparisons, and also you should make her love herself rather than driving her to hate herself.

Image Source: Photo by Ashley Bean on Unsplash


Komal Bothra


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