5 Signs You’re Confusing Your Infatuation With Love

It's an intense feeling. It's something you can't do justice to with words. You only met them for the very first time and you can't contain your excitement to see them once again. You can't seem to stop thinking about them but also you do not want to stop thinking about them. The feeling is so beautiful you want to give a backseat to everything else you've been yearning for. Yup, it sounds a lot like what they say it to be love.

But how do you ever know if it really is love or are you just deeply attracted to their charm?

Being smitten by someone isn't quite a big deal. When you meet someone who possesses qualities you're often impressed by,  your heart goes lalalalala.

Now, who is to say these aren't your most genuine feelings? This person you can't take your eyes off from isn't you forever & after?

While there are no 100% answers for whether its love or not. Followed by are 5 signs you're insanely attracted to someone and this feeling with time will only fade, my friend.

1. The bond is fading... for good

Complete infatuation only exists in young and new relationships. You've only begun to explore each other and while there is nothing that's quite wrong, something surely is off.

If the connection between you two have already begun to subside, don't blame your timing or anything else that makes you feel slightly better about the fact that it was an infatuation in the first place and now it's starting to fade.

2. You are the center of your universe

Love - what a selfless feeling. Much wow. Whereas infatuation is when you are thinking about yourself before them. Do they remember the little details of yours, did they say something that sounded like music to your ears or makes a big bold gesture?

Maybe they didn't, but did you? If you didn't, you know it ain't love. Love is all about wanting to give, whether or not you get something in return.

3. Sex is at the top of the table

Needless to say one of the biggest signs of infatuation is the pure desire of wanting to be only physically involved with each other. Conversations and feelings are secondary to you. Your next rendezvous with them comprise of nothing but physical intimacy. Love, on the other hand, is all about wanting to know their likes and dislikes, childhood, best memories, about their family & friends and of course, they're future plans and goals.

4. You get high on jealousy

When you're insanely infatuated or attracted to someone, getting jealous is as easy as ABC. The threat of someone taking the person away, leaving yet another void in your life and the fear of one more failed relationship sets your heart on fire. You'll either end up more being possessive than you probably should be or very defensive. Had it been love, a little insecurity and jealousy are sure to be there, but faith conquers all!

5. Oh-so-perfect

In a world full of flaws, you look at this person like they’re a fine piece of art. No matter what they say or do, you don't seem to have a problem with it. What are the chances of two humans having absolutely no differences? - Infatuation.

When there exists some sort of love between you to, maybe not the kinds they write books and songs about, but the one with mutual respect and concern for each other, you accept and embrace their flaws. Supporting them at their bad is one thing, being in constant denial of what really is their bad, is nothing but mere infatuation.

Image Source: Photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash


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