Are You On The Right Path? These 6 Milestones Can Answer That For You

Not everyone's journey is the same. Each one of us is moving towards what in our head is the correct definition of success. However, there are a few milestones that are more or less the same for all of us. These milestones make us step out of our comfort zone and do things that scare us, but at the same time, it never fails to amaze us.

Uncomfortable milestones that suggest that you're headed towards the right direction.

1. The Hunt For An Ideal Job

Stability isn't your best friend at this point and you're struggling to find out what is it that really makes you feel alive. You wish you'd it all figured out earlier. But its the X number of odd jobs you did that have driven you to a point where you finally know what you is it you truly want. If you're not scared to hit the reset button and trust in the magic of new beginnings --- you're doing fine, my friend.

2. Being Broke Makes You Anxious

Growing up sucks. There, I said it! It so does. Growing up means you can no more depend on your folks to support you financially,  you're rather expected to be the responsible one and do the right thing. But that's okay, why? Because you finally realized you need nobody to watch out for you or be worried for you. You're there for yourself and all you need is yourself to get everything you've had your heart set on. What's more empowering than this?

3. No Toxic Relations

You're spending time on building yourself. There ain't no space for drama. If someone drains your energies, you cut them loose. It's not because you don't care about them. It's only because you care about yourself a lot more. Believe me, when I say - the most important relationship one can have in this life is the one with themselves. So if you let go of someone who doesn't feel like warm sunshine on a frosty day, you're growing. Let nothing stop that process.

4. Heartbreaks Don't Hurt As Much Anymore

You've been hurt, and that's made you vulnerable. But as you move forward, you'll realize vulnerability doesn't escape with someone new moving in. And so, you make peace with your insecurities and everything else that comes along. You're learning to accept things the way there, perhaps, even heartbreak and now finally you believe that you'll heal. The moment you believe it, you're halfway there. Keep going.

5. Trusting The Universe

Now that your mind is in the right place, you begin to seek answers --- what's my purpose of being? Will I ever come terms with it? What if I never really find what makes me feel alive?

As uncomfortable as these questions are, they're the right ones and at one point you'd have to ask them anyway. No other time is better than now. Now all you've got to do is move forward, answers are there, somewhere!

6. The Blame Game Ends

When something goes south, you've no one to blame but the situation. You've learned that people will make the choices that they understood to be the best under those circumstances, even if you hoped that they thought about you as much you'd think about them. Hey, so it's okay if they didn't. What matters is that you’d make the harder choice, and that makes you a bigger person. Let them be them, you continue being you.

You’re on the right path as long as your gut agrees with you, trust it.

Image Source: Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash


Shreya Singhania


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