8 Things You Need To Do To Be Genuinely Happy In Life

8. Be self-sufficient

Relationships don't fix your self-esteem issues. Neither can they fix the many other problems in your life. If you're combatting with yourself every day -- your personality or your appearance, it’s only you who can fix it and nobody else. If you're not in love with yourself, the relationship you're in will only be as terrible as your emotional and mental health. So first, fall in love with yourself, the rest shall follow.

7. Take challenges in your stride

There exists no person whose life is all Lillies and sunshine. Life threw one too many challenges at you. But so what? Isn't that what's needed for us to get out of our cocoons and grow in every aspect of life? If you're going to sit around feeling sorry about how things went south with you, you'll be far from the top.

6. Leave what is gone

We think that we can hold on to what we have right now to fill in the little void. When the best comes along, we shall hold on to it, take the strength we need to move on from it and then let go of what we had. Life isn't a job. You can't be having a backup and wait for a better opportunity. You sure can say that you've made space for the better stuff. But who are we kidding? The universe knows that you didn’t let go of what you had, you never dared to be by yourself, and now it's keeping what's actually meant to be yours.

5. Believe in yourself

Honey, nobody is perfect. Embrace your flaws, work on them even. But don't let them bog you down. If you think you got this, you're halfway there. Now all you have to do is hold on to the faith you have in yourself and reach the final destination. Just believe in yourself, know your worth and then watch how everything comes your way.

4. Stop kicking yourself

We all have made mistakes. Imagine a life without them? There would have been no lessons. Today, you regret making those mistakes is because the consequences of those mistakes drove you to a point where you could actually contemplate about what you did and why you did it. What matters is you are where you're supposed to be. Embrace it and make the most of it. Consider your mistakes as a prepayment for where you're at today, sit back, and enjoy!

3. Fall in hate with hate

No one deserves to hold on to bitter feelings. It doesn't matter if they deserve it, what matters is you don't deserve it. Remember -- you first. Forgiveness is hard, I haven't been able to master that since a couple of years now, but the rare few times I did manage to forgive someone. The feeling was liberating. It's like someone has taken off a sack worth 1381 LBS of my back!

2. Worrying doesn't help

Latest observation: I am a sucker for stress. I feel mundane without it. It's a weird sort of an addiction or a state of mind I do not know much about yet. What I know is stress doesn't help me complete tasks I have been procrastinating on, prepping myself to get done with it and giving myself a little push is what helps me get to the other side of the bridge. Trust me, most of us don't have a damn clue about what stress does to our bodies.

1. A little gratitude, please?

Not very sweet of me to say this, but things could really be a lot worse you know? Being grateful about where we are and what we have genuinely makes everything a lot better. Finding a silver lining is sure as hell hard, but it always exists. Take it from someone who observes her surroundings carefully. I have had some very crazy people drawing breath close to me, and every time they said "it can't get worse than this", life threw yet another rock in their face. Just a little faith and optimism -- you're almost there.

Image Source: Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash


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