7 Reasons Why Strong Girls Tend To Get Attached Easily

Titles don't make a difference to her, vibes do. If you feel right to her, then that’s that. The fact that you do everything with her that most people in relationships fail to do is enough to keep her going. The fact that your time and attention belong to her without she having to ask for it and without you being bound to it is priceless.

It's not the big romantic gestures that sweep her off her feet. She'd rather be looking for the little signs --- the way you smile at her, she knows it means something. The way you continue to flirt with her like it's only recently you met her, she appreciates that. Chances are she's not attached to you, she has a picture in her head of an ideal guy and you resemble it. And that's it, she's attached to the idea of you.

Now, who are these strong girls?

The ones who are bruised and battered from their past experiences, not because they were blessed with a broken heart. But because they actually dared to sign up for something that they knew might not last. They're hurt because they actually stood for themselves when time demanded her to. They chose to live with a broken heart over living on someone else's terms.

1. Support System

Although she's all she needs and she knows it too well. She's looking for someone who impresses her, who's worthy of her time and attention.

2. Real Something

Don't take her for a fool. If she gets attached to you easily is because she sees some potential in you. She's strong, and she likes nothing short of a strong man to covet her.

3. Subtle Cues

As per Psychology Today, there's a subtle science to explain the instant attraction. Chances are strong women pick up subtle cues even before you round around your feelings.

4. Similar Interests

Usually, she tends to be attracted to someone who shares the same social class like hers. The way you dress, the cuisines your relish, the shows you watch, the values you grew up with, your interests and experiences have a big role to play.

5. Confidence Conquers

She's strong, she's got it, but yet she's hoping for someone who can compliment her well. You don't think the big stuff is happening with someone who lacks self-esteem and confidence, do you? You can be a mess at times, and that's understandable. But at the end of the day, you have what it takes to keep things glued together, and that's attractive as hell!

6. Real Intimacy

Nothing half-ass impresses her. You're either all in or you're in the past. Secondly, you sure as hell can't be a coward to call it quits at the drop of a hat. If you're, trust me, she knows she's missing on nothing. She carves for longevity and warmth because she knows that's what she's worth. Settling ain't even an option for her.

7. Options don't excite her

She's got her eyes set on you. She's imagined more than right now with you. Other boys don't tempt her. She's happy and content with what she feels with you because she didn't settle in the first place. She went for what really feeds her soul. When the waters aren't smooth, she won't board on the next ship the comes her way. Not only because that's the right thing to do, but she's also got what it takes to keep you’ll together.

Image Source: Photo by Prasanna Kumar on Unsplash


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