6 Uncomfortable Signs That You're Evolving As A Person

Not feeling quite like yourself lately but at the same time, it isn’t that you're changing? Simply put, do you think your behavior and attitude are changing and there's no significant reason for it?

Yes, it can be a tad difficult to put a pin on what exactly is causing this shift in how you feel. 

Even though it doesn't exactly feel very comfortable, surprisingly, these changes are for the good. 

Did you think about this may be a positive shift in life, perhaps one that will transform you into a person you are meant to be?

You're growing up, you're thinking differently, your perspectives are changing, and you're evolving. 

While some people around you won't be too happy with these changes, if they want the best for you, they'll stay and they'll help you through the process. 

No matter what, there's one thing that you can be sure about — darker the night, the brighter the day. You'll come out of this transitioning period in the most unimaginative of the ways. 

1. You Feel Detached

A part of you is disconnecting from the rest of the world to be able to connect with yourself better. Wanting to be by yourself is one of the initial stages of evolving. 

2. You Are A Work In Progress 

You're coming to terms with the thoughts that bother you, you're surprisingly getting comfortable at addressing your issues and with making peace with them. It's a sign of you're beginning to accept your true self.

3. Toxic Equations Drain Your Energies 

You no longer feel the need to cling on to things that aren't good for your spiritual, mental and emotional being. Letting go doesn't seem as disturbing and difficult as it used to once. 

4. Boredom Kicks In Sometimes 

I don't know if you have realized this yet, toxic relationships and drama take up a lot of your time and once you cut them loose, suddenly you have got a lot of time and mental bandwidth left on you. And so you find yourself bored and low. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining Make the most of this phase and do something you've always been wanting to do. That way, you'll open yourself up to new things and that's a sure way to get rid of boredom. 

5. Getting Comfortable With Discomfort 

There's a constant feeling of discomfort. You've tried too hard to shake that feeling off. Things that once used to make you happy aren't feeling the same anymore. That's because you're growing and there's something bigger out there that will feed your soul and give you the rush you’ve been missing since a while now. Weirdly, you're getting comfortable with the discomfort and that's a good sign. 

6. Future Is Blur, But You Want To Go On 

Even the people who have done well for themselves and left their mark on the world are sometimes uncertain about what next. I think it's normal to feel that way. Trusting the process and being a better version of yourself is all that you can do about it. It only gets better! 

7. You're Anxious 

Discomfort is one thing, being anxious is another. Anxieties lie to you, discomfort doesn't. You care about these changes, no one gave you a heads up and suddenly it's all turned around. Since the future looks so blurry right now and the past is no place to go back to, you're a little anxious right now. But this too gets better with time, as long as you have faith in the process, you'll emerge stronger at the end of it.

Image Source: Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash


Shreya Singhania


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