6 Things To Do When You Are Living In The Hell Of Low Self-Esteem

If I had to put it in a nutshell, self-esteem is your belief in yourself and what you're capable of creating. It can be as high as the sky or as low as the ocean. Everyone has occasional doubts about themselves. The ones who don't are suffering from incurable narcissism. And no, it's not 2013 and being the center of your own universe isn't cool anymore. What is cool is knowing your place in the universe. Knowing what you're capable of offering to the world, what you're capable of taking from it, and most importantly, knowing that YOU ARE GODDAMN CAPABLE!

Brace yourselves, it was no rocket science but the formula to picking yourself has been decoded.

6. Don't let negative people breathe around you

If they don't get you, they're not here for you. There's nothing wrong about two people not growing along. You'll are pieces of two different puzzles, you go look for the one you fit the best in. Those will be the people who will get you, support you, try making a difference in your life, and most importantly, tell you how awesome you really are!

5. Little things

This one is my favorite. Bring me the world and I shall find my happiness in the most uncomplicated things of life. Morning coffees, running marathons on Netflix, diving into a spiritual or inspirational book, a relaxing shower, having an intense conversation with a date, or sipping on water after it's over. Can we just stop and cherish these small yet significant pleasures of life, please?

4. Stop kicking yourself

Mistakes are unavoidable. Just know that everyone makes them and not everyone posts them on their Instagram. Punishing yourself is useless. It's like the double jeopardy law in the legislation of India. Believe me, life will find its way to make you feel sorry about everything you messed up. You don't have to do that yourself.

3. Get out and work out

I shouldn't even be writing about it, one of my best friends - nutritionist & a trained kick-boxer has done everything in her strength to get my lazy ass moving. Relax, it's paying off, I head out for a run sometimes, breathe, set targets, take the volume of the music and my pace up a notch, and it makes me feel good in ways I've been craving for. As much as you dread it, trust me, it works.

2. You do you

Yeah, they may be killing it. Maybe they were blessed with it or maybe they worked too hard in silence. They may have paid for it in the ways you couldn't have imagined. Or so they will in the future. You focus on your side of the lawn and stop letting someone else's perfect body, bank balance, love life and (I don't believe I am going to say this), their Instagram feed bother you.  You shouldn't let others happiness have so much control over yours.

1. Take a leap of faith

Believe it or not, you're awesome. There's a reason for your belonging and it's bigger than you can ever think about. The only way to figure out your calling is to get your hands on everything else. Go for that thing you've been scared of. You'll fall maybe, or maybe not. Imagine how positively will it reflect on your self-esteem if you don't fall and just go for it!

Image Source: Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash


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