6 Things To Do When Nothing Makes You Feel Alive

There are times when we feel like nothing sparks our soul. In other words, we feel lost, unmotivated and sick of the routine. Nothing really has changed, our jobs are still the way they were, there hasn't been a very significant change in our romantic or academic lives and yet there's something that is extremely unhappy about. It's a rut that we do not know how to escape.

Thankfully, there exists no problem without a solution.

To begin with...

Keep Going

You wake up, you take the same route to work, you listen to the same playlist sometimes, more or less you have the same breakfast every day, you reach work and do what is expected out of you, get home, probably do a thing or two and tuck yourself in bed already.  Feels like you are living the same day on repeat now that you think about it? I have been feeling it for a couple of months now.

Things that once felt great have now suddenly stopped interesting me and it's a terrible feeling. But that's the thing about monotony, it sucks and we have got to live with it.

Here's what I have decided to do

1. Do Things

Little things that I have only thought about but never executed. For instance, running a Harry Potter movie series marathon, reading a big book I have only been counting pages of, going to the gaming arcade in a mall or just getting cozy in a cafe, sipping on delicious coffee and going on a writing spree. Indulging in these experiences may not make me fall in love with life all over again, but it sure helps in feeling better for the day. After all, taking one day at a time is a great strategy for a healthy life, isn't it?

2. Let it come easy 

Trying too hard to make things happen? Chances are you'll end up feeling disappointed. Just know you can't be looking for happiness in places, it's within ourselves. Take a moment to embrace the good things in life and just know that it's not a competition. There it is, a sigh of relief! 

3. Clear your head 

It's pretty simple when your mind isn't crowded with a gazillion thoughts about how to fix things, your creative juices will flow. You'll find yourself in the middle of imagining a happy scenario and there it is, time to turn that imagination into reality. 

4. Stop limiting yourself 

I often hear my friends saying "I am not that person", "It's not what I enjoy doing" or "I have never done things this way". Have you been these many years, months, and days old ever before? No, right? Similarly, you're a different person than you were yesterday, stop limiting yourself and you may just surprise yourself. 

5. Take Up A Positive Challenge 

There has to be a list of things you know are good for you but you never welcomed them into your life? Maybe this is a sign for you to step out of your comfort zone and take on the positive challenge you’ve always only thought about. It can be learning yoga, or a dance form, or a style of painting, or something as simple as cycling or running. Taking on a positive challenge never fails at refreshing us. Need I say it brings in some excitement?

6. Say Yes To Yourself! 

There will always be a long list of things that people don’t approve of. Who cares about people? Where are these people when you feel the way you do? Nowhere around. Don’t let yourself get burdened by the expectations of society. Doing things you’re “supposed” to do can sometimes do more harm than good. Break open from the barriers of society and go do your thing. Whether you’re of the rebellious kind or not, listening to yourself can not make you feel alive.

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Shreya Singhania


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