5 Simple Ways To Shake Off The Feeling Of You’re Not Doing Enough

Do you ever feel unsatisfied with how much you've done in a day? No matter how many tasks you knock off your to-do list, you have this undying desire for wanting to do more?

Simply put, you're driving at the speed of 120kmph and yet you think that's not fast enough. 

Relatable much? Hello, my friend. You're not alone

I have been struggling with this for over 2 years now. I do my work as assigned to me, my teammates think this is as much as I can and if I push myself a little harder, I will burnout. But yet I go to bed with the feeling of being unsatisfied and not content with myself. It's a constant feeling of, "nope, that wasn't enough". 

Needless to mention we are workaholics and we can never have enough of it, but also that we truly believe that there's more potential in us than what we've achieved so far. 

Some of us feel guilty for allowing ourselves to indulge in a Sunday of being unproductive and we make up our minds to do some work to wear that guilt off our chest—ME. 

In a world full of people inspired by Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, it's kinda difficult to break out of the delusion of being an under-performer and inefficient. 

So how do we do it? It's simple! 

1. Less Quantity, More Quality

How about we continue to do what we do but get the rush we need by cherishing every moment of doing the work and not just meeting the deadlines? A little mindfulness will help us get the feeling of richness we crave for and workaholics know, nothing feels better than working on a piece that brings them peace. 

2. Reduce The Pressure 

We say it's not something we do voluntarily, but who are we kidding now? From where I see most people enjoy the feeling of being pressurized, (sadistic suckers of stress) is what I like to call them. Once we stop stressing about it, we'll sense that our creative juices are flowing freely and we've everything that we desire, within ourselves.

3. Ditch The Comparisons 

Does others rise bother you? Don't judge yourself, you're not alone. That's most of us. It sucks to see someone soaring high while your plane full of emotional and mental baggage hasn't taken off from the runway in a while. The sooner we make peace with everyone has their days to shine, and that their light can't blind you, the better it is.

4. Stop and Enjoy 

We weren't here to keep achieving all day, every day. Don't let these quotes get the better of you. Do what you have to do and appreciate yourself. No one will appreciate you unless you don't do that yourself. Keeping in mind you love to over-achieve, even if you're doing them proud, none of it makes sense until you don't do yourself proud. So spend the day binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix and eating whatever the hell you want, it doesn't reduce your value. You remain as valuable you were on a working day. 

5. Learn The Difference Between Doing Anything & Doing Everything. 

Can you get anything you set your eyes on? Yes, you can. Can you meet unrealistic deadlines and achieve unrealistic expectations? Your God knows you can. Can you be Marvel's next superhero? Don't make me answer that! In short, just understand that you can do anything but not everything. You can't be omnipresent, you can't keep setting unrealistic targets for yourself and then exhaust yourself on your way to achieve them. That will only do more harm than good. 

On that note, I am not going to write my way through a Sunday night after sleeping like a rock all day long and allow myself to enjoy a friend's company. Ta-da!

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