5 Intriguing Facts About Introverts You Wish You Knew Sooner

I can't tell you how many times have I been to the best of the parties and caught myself yawning, texting, contemplating about what others are feeling at that moment, and about when will the blaring music stop, when will people stop breathing down my neck and when will I be back in my space.

For the longest time, I kept blaming the Disc Jockey, the company I had or the exhaustion followed after a long week.

This stopped though, once I stopped attending these social events and started reading myself a little more.

Outcome? I transpired that I am an introvert!

After years of trying to fit into places and judging myself of being cold, arrogant or weird, I knew I just belonged to the most misunderstood set of humans out there.

Which brings me to this; 5 things you and the world needs to know about introverts.

1. Our 'Me Time' Means The World To Us

Countless tequila shots and whiskey neats are all fine till the night lasts, but don't count us in for the Sunday brunch and Mimosas after. After things are calm and we tuck ourselves in our beds at night, we need a hell lot of time to recharge ourselves, to be ready to interact with humans again.

We are absolutely fine, no one bothered us at the party, just the joys of being alone are unmatchable.

And oh, don't doubt our introversion because you saw us partying, we don't hate partying, we just can't do it at all times.

2. Keep Talking, We Listening.

Extroverts take off the conversational weight off our shoulders. Don't worry when we are staring at you blankly as you speak. We're just a set of very observant humans who are reading a little too much into most things you do. We remember things, and hey, it's the little things that count, right?

Don't get us wrong, we have things to talk, let us enter our comfort zone with you and you will see us yapping!

3. Assumption Is The Mother Of Fu*k-Ups

We go from thinking to overthinking, and from overthinking to assuming in the fraction of 5 seconds. If you don't keep a tab on us and don't bother keeping in touch, chances are we have already assumed that you are upset with us and we don't matter to you.

The flipside of the coin is, some people just suck at keeping in touch but they mean no harm.

You think we jump to conclusions? Well, we've concluded and mentally started prepping ourselves to deal with the grief already!

We don't ask much, just keep reassuring us and give us the validation we need. :-D

4. Flustered And How!

So now you know that we observe a lot and that we need a lot of time to be by ourselves in order to be ready to get out of our shell again. Now you need to know we get flustered, and that's because, once we step out we absorb a lot from the environment, things most extroverts don't even tend to give a flying fu*k about.

We don't have our undivided focus on one thing, cause our minds are busy picking up everything.

5. Safe Zone

We are picky about our friends, it's only because we mentally don't connect with people too soon. I have a handful of friends and some of them are introverts (so they get me), some of them are extroverts (so I find a balance in life).

Big groups are a strict no-no for us. You want to get inside the head of an introvert? You meet us one-on-one. I promise you, your perceptions about us will change, you'll meet the real us.

Image Source: Pexels - Andrea Piacquadio


Shreya Singhania


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