3 Tips to Break Free from the Shackles of Society

If you were to wake up tomorrow and realize that there are no rules to be followed and no limitations to stay within.

What would you do?

How would you spend your day?

Where would you like to wake up?

Next to whom?

How would that feel?

And remember, there's no one you owe an explanation to. It's your life and you get to decide what your happy day looks like!

Did you have a visual in your mind, or did you not? If you did, well, that's great cause now you know what the best day of your life would look like. If you didn't. The rules and regulations made by the society have also restricted your mind from thinking beyond your limitations.

How sad is that? It's one thing to not be able to go live the day of your dreams because life is not all hunky-dory for most of us, but it's another to not have an image of it in your mind.

You deserve to give yourself a chance to think about an alternate ending, a dreamy day, and a better life.

Somewhere along the way, we have all forgotten about how our only limitation is ourselves and have submitted ourselves to the limitations put on our lives by others.

Now how do you break free from these shackles of society?


It's simple!

1. Be aware of what you truly want

And when I say what you truly want, it means what YOU want. Not the idea of a perfect girl or a guy you have been taught by society. What would they think of you had you chosen an alternate path, and whether or not would you be considered cool or successful by the people.

Something you want to be - independent of others' opinions and thoughts.

That's the first step to the path of attaining freedom from your constraints.

2. Understanding "why".

Not everyone has the same definition of freedom. Freedom for some people is to be able to say no to things they don't enjoy doing. And for others, it must be to quit their high-end job and join a rather humble profession that sure pays them a couple less grand, but brings a lot of peace and self-contentment.

So you ask yourself, what is freedom for you, maybe take note of the thoughts you are having, then discuss it with your family and immediate circle. Why them? How else are you going to get comfortable with these new thoughts otherwise?

3. The first step towards achieving it

After you have covered all the reasons for "why" you want freedom in life. Think about how you can achieve it. What do you need to cut out and what do you need to supplement it with. Write the plan down and figure out a few permutations and combinations to find your perfect solution.

A simple exercise that will help you get a better understanding of yourself, find answers to who you truly are and fight your constraints.

So are we starting to work on our definition of freedom today?

PS: The process makes most of us feel a little anxious and uncomfortable. But that’s a sign of growth, isn’t it? To get somewhere better, you need to move from where you are now. Albeit difficult, it’s always thrilling. You could wake up and feel as good as new and then you just know that you’ve fought your own constraints.

Image Source: Home Vision, The Lancer Feed


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