Sameer Quadri - The Visionary - Name Which Defines Quality, Commitment & Transparency

Sameer Qadri - Co-Founder & CEO of

Graduated in engineering from the royal city of Nizams - The Hyderabad. Though only in his mid-30’s, he carries immense maturity and a really futuristic approach. He always surprises his peers and superiors with his innovative techno based marketing capabilities.

At a very early age he has headed companies in the US and Saudi and is represented in GCC, China, and South East Asia.

He has values from roots of his grandfather and business acumen from his father, and support from a well nurturing capacity of a loving mother, he has turned out to be a man of commitment with a golden heart. A soft spoken, cool guy with a fire in his belly, he carries the potential to manage any kind of challenges personally or professionally.

Although his father holds a top position in a Saudi company, and Sameer could have continued his job as head of the same company, he chose not to grow under a shadow, and rather chose to depart. With the vision to set his name in stone in the industry, he aimed to grow as a Banyan tree, under which he can give employment to 100’s of people and can be counted as a trusted, committed name in his own style. He started off his business by traveling to China extensively to procure various home decor or other unique products, to import to India that the GCC region, and gave great vales to the business of people he was connected with.

Million or billions never seem to be more than just number for him. He only considered the zero as a zero in front of his working style.  A God loving and fearing person, he always tries to give benefits to all stakeholders who have contributed. He gives credit to everyone who has played a part in the success of his ventures, and at the same time doesn't let anything go out of his control.  

Perform or Perish...  Is his business ethics.

Recently he has entered into setting up his own venture - an eCommerce Marketplace with a flexible price mechanism - one of its kind in the industry. In a span of just a few months, he spread his wings from South India to North India with headquarters in Hyderabad and a regional office in Lucknow - another city of Nawabs.

He has spread his operations in the North, West and Southern parts of India, and very soon will be there in the top 20 cities of India in the next few months.

Being the eldest in his family, he is a loving and well-pampered guy of grandfather, father, a caring mother, and brothers. By the mercy of Almighty, being humble and committed towards his vision, he started a company called

We wish him great success and a wonderful future ahead!

Good luck Sameer!!!




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