Zomato Successfully Tests Hybrid Drone For Aerial Food Delivery

Yes! It is true that Zomato has successfully tested a hybrid drone for food delivery. Let us know everything about Hybrid Drone For Aerial Food Delivery.

As we all know, Zomato is one of the most popular food delivery apps in India. Inc42 reported that food delivery forms a big part of the company's business by contributing to about 65% of the overall revenue of the company.

On Wednesday, June 12, Zomato Founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal announced on Twitter that very soon food will be delivered to your door by a drone! He twitted "We successfully tested a hybrid drone - the fusion of rotary wing and fixed wings on a single drone; covered 5 km in 10 mins with a peak speed of 80 kmph; with a payload of 5kgs. Exciting times ahead!" (sic). As per DGCA norms, the test was conducted at a designated zone.

In a blog post, Zomato said that the average time taken by the biker fleet to deliver food to the customer is 30.5 minutes. He added that the only way to reduce that time to 15 minutes is if we take the aerial route because roads are not efficient for fast delivery. Founder and CEO of Zomato Deepindra Goyal said in a press that "We have been working towards building sustainable and secure delivery tech, and with our first successful test, food delivery by drones is no longer a pipe dream."

He also said that the tech is ready and that drone is prepared to deliver the food. He said that there are some regulatory hurdle and the government's concerns in mind for this endeavor.

But is it even legal?

And now the most significant challenge Is that even legal? Are the country's constitutional norms allow drones to deliver? So, basically according to the report, it is not lawful to enable drones to deliver. And so now we need to know that how does the food delivery app plans to use its drone technology? Let's check it out.

The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had denied any public use of drones because of the security concerns and absence of a policy framework.

So, as of now, drones cannot be used for delivery until a policy was put in place.

Indian online food delivery platform, Zomato is expanding its footprint in India quickly, even into smaller cities also. The company recently said that it would soon have operations in over 100 small towns in India. The company has been working for boosting its capacity to improve last-mile delivery.

How does Will Drone tech work?

With an inbuilt sensor and onboard computer enable the drone to sense and avoid the static and dynamic object, overall making it more useful and efficient for autonomous flights. The drone built for delivery is lightweight, and drones will only be allowed to fly during the day.

Here are the steps that will explain to you how the drone will work:

  1. The Drones will pick up the food package from the dispatch station (around a cluster of restaurants).
  2. Then, the drone will drop the package at a customer hub.
  3. After that, the drone again comes back to the dispatch site using a mix of different and appropriate flight modes.

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