Spa At Home? Here's How.

Our home is the most peaceful place on earth, where you spend a good amount of time relaxing. When we enter our home, we just want to leave all the worries outside and cool down from a long day. But that might not always be the case. There might be times when you just cannot relax at home and all you can think about is relaxing at a spa. While going to the spa every other day, or even week might not be feasible, having one at home totally is! What more? Even your mom would be happy that you are not spending money at the spa so often! Read on for a few tips on how you can have a spa at home without remodelling your entire home:

Put up art that brings peace:

This is an easy one. Put up artwork that give you peaceful vibes the instant you lay your eyes on it. Beautiful pictures and images will instantly help you escape to a different world. It can be anything from a poolside view, to the view of the mountains to the beach. Take your pick.

Set the mood with oil diffusers:

An essential oil diffuser is just the thing you need to set the mood for a spa day. Oil diffusers also have various health benefits, depending on the oils that you use. Lavender and rose should be your preferred choice if you want to relax after a long day.

Set the right tone with soothing music:

It is important to play soothing music, otherwise, your mind will keep running to the day that was and will be filled with cluttered or negative thoughts. If you are not into specificities, you can easily go to YouTube and play some soothing songs there.

Sip on some detox water:

Sipping on some healthy detox water can help take all the tiredness away. Simply add a few slices of fruits and/or vegetables to water before you leave in the morning. You can even carry it with you as you step out in the morning.

Keep a soft robe handy:

One of the best parts about going to a spa is getting yourself into a warm, soft robe which you never want to take off again. So, how can your home spa be complete without one? Buy a plush, comfortable robe that will give you the same feels.

Switch from bath mats to rugs:

Instead of a bath mat, lay down a rug that will add value to the space. Make sure you buy a rug that is small in size and easily cleanable. A rug that is not slippery should be your ideal choice or your entire day will turn upside down. Invest in top of the line rugs so that you get similar feel that of a spa.

Get a new shower head:

This is only if you have an old one with weak water pressure. Swap out your old shower head into one of those spa-worthy, multi-functional replacements. Right from luxurious ones, to the cost-effective ones, there are literally more than thousands of designs available to choose from.

Spend a bit on the spa accessories:

How can a spa experience be complete without the essential oils for bath and the scented candles and a chic tray full of potpourri? Splurge a bit on these accessories instead of spending money on going to the spa to complete your spa at home experience.

It will be easy and tempting for you to turn to your gadgets in the middle of all this. Resist the urge, disconnect from the world for the time being and concentrate on your mental well-being.


Ankitaa Mendhekar


Ankita is the content creator, a traveler, foodie, dreamer, a binge watcher and an ambivert.