Keeping Your Calm At Work Made Easy

The world we live in right now is completely different than it used to be when our parents’ generation had just started working. Those were simpler times, obviously. They did not HAVE TO HAVE a social life along with all the other responsibilities that are accompanied with having an ‘adult life’. There wasn't a lot of stress when it came to work.

You have probably had days when you walk into your office, and you are bombarded with deadlines and meetings and client approvals and people not coming in for work and what not! On such a day, even 10 cups of coffee doesn’t seem to do the trick. So, what do you do when you need to calm yourself down and get through the day without bursting like a volcano? How do you save your juniors from what you know would be their impending death? How do you really achieve zen at work?

1. Meditation is the key:

We’ve heard it, and we’ve heard it again. Meditation is the key to everything - to connecting with yourself, mind, body and soul. It triggers changes in the brain that releases the ‘feel good’ hormones. When you close your eyes for meditation, you give yourself much needed 30 seconds break from whatever life is throwing at you. So, when you find yourself in a difficult or an irritating situation, take a deep breath, count down to 5 (or 50!) Treat yourself with such mini-breaks every hour so you are on track with whatever is happening in your work life.

2. Find your spot:

Wherever we are, all of us have that one spot which helps us to focus on our tasks in a better way. Find that spot. If you do not have a free office and have a work desk instead, then make your desk as comfortable as possible. But make sure that you do not go overboard with it!

3. Do not skip meals:

Time and time again, we have heard that an empty stomach can do no good. This is especially because when you are working on an empty stomach, half your mind is focusing on/thinking about food. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you are having your meals, do not have them at your table. Keep your work aside for some time and have a conversation with people around you. Give yourself that much deserved break. I’m sure you’ve earned it. Also, make sure your conversation are NOWHERE related to work.

4. Do what you love:

Now, this is the easiest of the lot. Choose a profession that you LOVE. Doing anything else in life is only going to give you stress. If you do not enjoy your work, you will end up thinking that you have or are or will be messing up somewhere, which will only add to your anxieties. And we definitely do not want that, do we? Hence, the best way out of this is to do what you love the most. Even if you aren’t where you think you should have been, you will at least be content with the work that you are doing!

Another important thing to remember is that visualization is the key. Whenever you find yourself in a difficult space, visual yourself in some other calm space. And no matter what happens, do not lose your calm. Keeping your calm and being in a good space, mentally, is really the only way in which you can give 100% to your work. So, remember the next time you feel like you are going to burst out on someone, make sure you try one of these things.

Image Source: Wellbeing Place


Ankitaa Mendhekar


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