How To Know If Your Personal Branding is Successful?

Personal branding isn’t just for CEOs, celebrities and politicians, but you realize it or not, you already have a personal brand. If you haven’t given it to any thought, it might be bland, muddled or confusing. Maybe it’s not giving you any favors.

So what is your brand? Your personal brand is what people think of when they think of you. And the big question you can ask yourself is: What would you like them to think about you?

When we don’t have complete control over others opinions of us, we do have control over what we highlight and put out there. Giving some thought to the image you’d like to pretend to the world is the first step in creating a strong personal brand.

It doesn't mean being fake or inauthentic to be strategic and thoughtful about your personal brand. Never try to be anybody you're not. But, beyond "just being yourself," you want to put a little more thought into it. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, and play the former as you manage the latter. Think of it as doubling your best characteristics and making sure that what you are doing and saying is in line with that. Be authentic, but also selective, in other words.

Then the question becomes: if you do it right, how do you know? Here are three signs telling you if you're on the right path.

1. People have trust in you

You are consistent, whether you are the renegade who is always challenging the status quo or the straight arrow that plays the book. And consistency creates confidence. You're not one-dimensional, but you know who you are at your core, and they know what to expect from you.

When others have a clear sense of your abilities and inclinations, they know what issues you need to seek advice on and what projects you need to ask for your help. And because they can rely on a consistent experience with you, they will feel confident that they will also refer you to others.

2. You pass  the "Google test"

What do you see when you Google yourself? It's probably one of four things:

A. Nothing.
B. Links to approximately 100 other random people with the same name (some of whom may give you a bad name, let's face it).
C. Some cringe-inducing things from the days of your college.
D. Content that displays your knowledge and is relevant to your interests and industry.

Only one good answer is really there (Choice D, of course!).

Choice A is a very, very remote runner-up, but when you Google your name, it's better to have nothing pop up than something that will in any way detract from your brand.

If you create and share content that demonstrates your brand expertise and if you can be proud of what a prospective employer or customer might find when they Google you, then your personal branding is on the right track.

3. You are known for something particular

A strong personal brand means you're standing out, not mixing in. If you've done a good job of zeroing in on what makes you unique and done an equally good job of drilling it through repetition and consistency into the minds of people, then you'll be "known" for the right things.

You will stand out in your industry from thousands of others, and the opportunities that come your way will feel perfectly aligned with your unique abilities and interests.

If all three boxes have been checked, Congratulations! You're well in front of the pack. But never completely "done" is the job of building a successful personal brand.

Once it has been built, don't forget the maintenance! Just like a large flourishing garden that creates a bounty every summer, your brand is going to thrive with continuous tending and nurturing.

Image Source: Forbes


Alpa Kher


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