8 Ways To Figure Out Whether Or Not You're A Shopaholic

Who is a shopaholic? Someone who loves to shop? Neahhh. A shopaholic is someone who can't stop shopping come what may! Trust me, as much as they enjoy indulging in a retail therapy they are trying too hard to not be the shopaholics that they are. How do I know this? Growing up, I'd two shopaholics very close to me, and now I am one myself.

Every time I make an unscheduled visit to the mall, my mum conveys her disappointment towards me via text/WhatsApp/calls/telepathy. Needless to say every effort of hers is futile because I always end up coming with stuff I may need or not, and walk straight towards my room with a hope to be able to hide things I bought.
This weekend she told me something I can not stop thinking about -- "People frown upon alcoholics and workaholics do themselves and people around them proud, why is being a shopaholic such a joke, is it funny to keep chasing materialistic possessions when there is so much more to do in life?". And Oh, boy, did that hard me hard or what!

Have you crossed the thin line between keeping it trendy and being a shopaholic? Not sure? Let's find out.

1. Free time is online shopping time

I surf through online shopping apps and brand websites when I am stuck in Mumbai's mind-numbing traffic. Sometimes even when I am done scrolling through my feed, I jump to a shopping app. Do you relate to me?

2. Shopping is happiness

Unlike most people who prefer having a real human interaction, binge-watching or comfort eating when they're not feeling their best. You end up adding things to your online cart or take yourself on a shopping spree to the mall.

3. Money is never a problem

You might say no to a social gathering because who needs an unnecessary expensive evening, right? But you can happily spend all your money on shopping and call it a must-have or blame the once-in-a-lifetime deal. In reality, we really do have better things to do with our time and money.

4. Surprises in the closet

You have hoarded on so many pairs of shoes and pieces of clothing that you sometimes forget that you have it, unlike most people. As a matter of fact, sometimes you stumble upon some items that are unworn and yet has tags on it.

5. WTF do I wear?

You may not have space to stuff yet another dress in your closet and you still have nothing to wear. Either people have 'seen' this outfit earlier or it's just not perfect for the occasion or the mood. You may be not talking about it just yet, but we know at that moment, you made a weekend shopping plan in your head.

6. Your version of Christmas is the sale season

Just because it was originally double the price that it is now set on, you're going to grab the deal. You feel like you've struck real gold!

7. You're guilty and you know it

You try justifying the reason for that unrequired shopping spree because deep down you know you could have been just as awesome without buying those stuff.

8. The pain is real

Wanting something and not having your size available feels like someone drove a stake through your heart. You insist the salesman to try finding your perfect size, just one more time. Only because you know it will haunt you. It always does.

Image Source: Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash


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