5 Simple Yet Awesome Things To Do If You're Suffering From Prolonged Laziness

"I will do a lot of amazing things today", I promise myself on every weekend morning while I indulge in my mom's delicious breakfast. I open the file titled 'weekend plans' on my phone's notes and start listing down the things I want to read, shows I want to watch, food I want to try and the run I want to go for by the time the sun has set.

Yes, it's an awesome thing to do in the morning. No, I don't meet every promise I make to myself.  7/10 things I list down, maybe. Then I cut myself some slack and think "nevermind, I at least did some of them". That's that. Monday is back!

Honestly, 24 hours is more than enough. I can make every realistic plan happen and yet have an hour to stay in my bed and stare at the walls and the trees blankly.

Then why don't I? Because I am a couch potato who's deeply in love with potating!

Honestly, this blog is more like yet another promise I am making to myself. I am hoping I'd feel shameful and motivated enough to practice what I am just about to preach.

In a nutshell, laziness according to me is a toxic relationship you get into with yourself. It's keeping you back from progression, it's stuck with you from dusk till dawn. Even if you end up taking a step ahead, it makes you want to take two steps backward. In short, it SUCKS!

I've decided to slowly and gradually get out of this relationship. (classic me)

To being with:

1. Stop overpromising

Using my own example once again, I am an over-enthusiastic moron who promises herself too many things and then deep down feels like a failure when I don't make them all happen. Planning per your ability to do things and doing them all is an amazing warmup sesh!

2. Relax and enjoy

It's about self-improvement, not self-torture. Leave the torturing bit to life, it's great at that one. Make sure the things you are planning are things you enjoy. You're doing it for yourself, not your neighbors' dog.

3. Organize

I get to gloat a little here. I can't live in an untidy environment 'cause I truly believe your physical surrounding have a crazy impact on how you feel. Clutter creates a sense of chaos. Now you know where all that irritability and frustration is coming from?

4. Be a sucker for the rush

It can get a little hard sometimes. Situations might not always be in your favor. But that's the fun. Doing things despite the odds, the rush you feel after that is oh-so-heavenly!

5. Look for motivation

Lack of motivation is the most common cause of laziness and its only logical. There must be something that you truly want. Think about it. Visualize. How pretty does that image look in your head? It could be the reality if you just decided to get your butt moving!

Image Source: Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash


Shreya Singhania


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