Start Your Morning With Surya Namaskar!

Surya Namaskar also called Sun Salutation is a complete workout for your body, it not only exercises all parts of your body, but also leaves you feeling completely relaxed and energetic after a few minutes. The 12 steps of Surya Namaskar brings your body and mind together, revitalises you and helps you unwind. The postures together are a good blend of warm-ups and asanas with controlled breathing, back bends, forward bends and calming postures. Regular practice of Surya Namaskar promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Here are a few health benefits associated with the practice of Surya Namaskar:

1. Helps lose weight

With the various postures involved, it enables your muscles to stretch, mainly the abdominal muscles, helping you shed a few pounds around your belly. When the Surya Namaskar is performed at a fast pace, it acts as a type of cardio exercise helping you burn fat.

2. Helps strengthen muscles and joints

One of the main benefit of Surya Namaskar is that it works on all your muscles and joints, the movements you perform increase your flexibility and functionality. When you build the muscles around your joints, it reduces your risk to diseases like arthritis.

3. Gives glowing skin

Surya namaskar aids in your blood circulation that helps in bringing back the glow on your face; preventing the onset of wrinkles, making your skin look ageless and radiant.

4. Ensures a better functioning digestive system

Surya Namaskar helps increase the blood flow to your digestive system, improving the functioning of your intestines. The forward and backward bend poses stretch’s your abdomen, and releases the trapped toxins from your system. 

5. Helps cope with insomnia

Without a doubt, Surya Namaskar calms you down, helps you refresh your mind and makes you feel peaceful. Thus, improving your sleep patterns without any extra efforts.

6. Helps detox

Due to the controlled breathing- inhalation and exhalation process, the lungs are thoroughly ventilated and the blood remains oxygenated. This helps in detoxifying one’s body by getting rid of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases.

Apart from the obvious benefits mentioned above, it also strengthens your heart leading to a longer healthier life. There is no reason to skip Surya Namaskar since you can practice is at any time of the day. However, it is best to do it at sunrise or as soon as you wake up to keep yourself fresh throughout the day. If you perform it in the afternoon, it energizes your body instantly and at dusk, it helps you unwind. So, include it in your daily routine whenever it suits you, but never miss practicing Surya Namaskar.


Hishma Shah


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