Sex is surprisingly Good for Health

Did you know sex is not only pleasurable in the bedroom but also has numerous health benefits for you! Yes, it is true. Would you like to lower your risk of cancer and heart attack? Would you like to reduce your anxiety and boost confidence? Would you like a better immune system? Would you like to sleep better? If yes, then don’t underestimate the benefits of sex. Have more sex!  

Researchers over a long period of time have studied and found positive correlation between sex and improved health. When you are sexually active, you release happy hormones and your body improvises its ability to fight against germs, bacteria and viruses.

Below is a list of a few health benefits caused due to more sex:

1. Helps you shed some calories

Sex is a physical activity, just like any other form of exercise. You can burn about 5 calories per minute by having sex as it uses multiple groups of muscles. However, this does not mean sex can replace your exercise sessions at the gym.

2. Helps you relieve stress

With the touching, hugging, emotional attachment and physical intimacy, you will bond with your sex partner and this feeling makes you calm and stress-free. With this social connection, you feel happier than people who are less emotionally close, strengthening your well-being. It also helps you improve your relations with your partner, building a feeling of love and trust.

3. Live longer

In a recent study of more than a thousand men in their mid-forties, it was found that those men who had more orgasms had less than half death rate than those who did not. Needless to say, there are many other factors contributing to longer life, but having sex can certainly lead to a longer and happier life.

4. Improve your brain health

Researchers found that sex helps the brain perform better, causes more analytical thinking and improves memory. Sex has also been associated to increased brain cells, isn’t that great?

Thus, the benefits of sex can be seen from head to toe for your overall health. Don’t be too busy for sex, don’t stick to the old boring sex routine, enjoy foreplay and have fun!

Image Source: Everyday Health


Hishma Shah


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