Let’s Attack Your Belly Fat - Stomach Slimming Tips

The struggle is real, belly fat is known to be the most difficult to burn and the most popular problem for us young adults. Most of our eating habits these days including fizzy drinks, fast food, fried food, desserts and the like, directly go to the stomach and cause bloating. It can be a total nightmare to get rid of these extra inches, however, we believe there is nothing we cannot do with a little bit of patience and determination.  You can certainly not change the shape of your body overnight, but there are a few lifestyle changes that can gradually and certainly help you get the body you desire.

So, I have gathered a few stomach-slimming tips for you below:

Three magic drinks:

Honey and lemon with warm water- Mix a spoonful of honey with a little bit of lemon, add warm water to the mixture and voila, there’s your magic drink ready. Best to have it first thing every morning, it is known to detox your body and flush out toxins.

Cumin seeds, fennel seeds and coriander seeds with hot water- Make this special green tea at home and have it at any hour and as many times as you like. Mix equal parts of cumin, fennel and coriander seeds and leave them in water for a 15 mins to an hour to get this yummy drink. It is known to boost your metabolism and give you extra energy to exercise more to get your summer beach body.

Cucumber, parsley, grated ginger, lemon with water- Another perfect combination that can shrink your waist. It is known to have good enzymes and nutrients, that will curb your food cravings and help remove any digestive issues like gas, bloating or nausea.

Three easy exercises:

Crunches- this is to strengthen your core and melt your belly fat faster than ever, it works wonders when done correct and regularly. Learn the correct posture for crunches to avoid damaging your back, lie flat on your exercise mat with knees bent and then alternatively lift your legs off the mat at a 90-degree angle. Check out various variations to the crunches as your practice more.

Bicycles- this one works your abs from every angle, targets your lower abs and obliques. Get into the same position as for crunches, then lift both your legs off the mat, still bent at the knee, now alternatively bring the right and left knee close to your upper body while keeping the opposite leg away. It looks as if you are paddling a cycle.

Plank- this one contracts your core muscles even harder and is the best 60 seconds exercise. Position yourself on the floor with only two body to floor contact points, i.e., only your toes and your elbows can touch the floor, stay in this posture for 30-60 seconds.

Three diet tips:

No sugar- Sugar is unhealthy and causes fat accumulation in the belly and liver. Strictly avoid any added sugar in your meals, and promise yourself no more fizzy drinks or other sweetened beverages.  

Green tea- Adding green tea to your diet is harmless and proved beneficial in many ways. It not only causes the fat cells to shrink but also protects your muscles.

Fiber- make fiber rich food your best friend, and you will surely see positive weight loss results immediately. Fiber rich meals will boost your digestion, and reduce your appetite, giving you the slim waist line you dreamt of.

Make these easy lifestyle changes and get the perfect bikini body. Remember there are no short cuts! Good luck

Image Source: Fitness Mercola - Dr. Mercola


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