How To Make Workout Less Boring

It was during my evening walk yesterday that I realised how important physical exercise is for one. While thinking about the subject, my mind was flooded with reasons why I should skip the workout or walk for lesser time, moreover, only after walking for 5 minutes, I was thinking which chocolate will I reward myself with. I am sure it happens to most of us that we delay exercising or going to the gym, or we make excuses or other plans to cancel working out. And it happens again that laziness wins over!

Now is the right time to fight the laziness and excuses, and make the workout fun and mandatory.

Here’s a few ways to make workout fun and if you like them, please share them with your friends:

1. Track your progress with selfies

Track your progress with selfiesImage Source: Pinterest

This has been my favourite method to make working out interesting, always take a before and after picture. Obviously, you won’t see the difference in a day or a week, but continue taking selfies until you see the difference and I am sure that will be such a rewarding feeling. This method works better when you have a workout buddy who you can share the selfies with. Enjoy competing and you’ll feel fitter in no time.

2. Try a fitness app

Try a fitness appImage Source: Anytime Fitness Blog

Another way to boost your mood to workout is by using a fitness app. Sometimes it becomes so addictive that you love working out. You can choose from millions of apps like sworkit, aaptiv, 7fit, Nike+ training club etc. These come with proper instructions, a custom plan, various workout tips and strategies to ensure you can become fit within your scheduled timeframe.

3. Have a workout partner

It is always better to have a buddy to make the workout session more fun and easy and something that you actually wait for. You will be more dedicated and have a fixed routine when you exercise with someone else. You can play games and enjoy working out with music or YouTube videos etc. It helps getting the extra push from a friend while working out.

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4. Have a mix of exercise routines

Have a mix of exercise routinesImage Source:

Don’t follow the same old boring daily regime of exercises, but be sure to include Zumba, Pilates, aerobics, Yoga, and other dance workouts with your routine cardio and weights. When you have a different workout plan for every day, you will tend to enjoy it more. Learn new things and keep it exciting and challenging for your body.

5. Get outside

 Get outsideImage Source: GardenTech

You may not always want to exercise indoors, it may perhaps get boring. But there is no excuse to not exercise, get out, find a garden or a park where you can exercise. Keep the workout short but intense and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful greens. Take in the scenery and inspire yourself for a better workout each time.

I hope with these tips, you start looking forward to your daily exercises and make it your comfort zone instead of finding excuses to run away. From today, lets commit to ourselves that we will not skip the daily workout for whatever reason it may be.

Image Source: Daily Burn


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