Health Benefits Associated with the “Meme” Culture

Memes started as humorous posts on our social feed, but have now become a culture. People all over the world are connected through technology and this technology affects your health and wellbeing in various ways. Meme culture is when various groups of people discuss important issues including serious health issues through memes.

Memes are made about anything silly happening in the recent news or jokes about the celebrity world or about lifestyle, and they are known to disappear immediately. In this era where you cannot talk openly about some diseases and have no one to discuss with, it can be useful to find a meme that represents your problems in a comical way that you can share with your network. It is noted that people, especially the youth, are constantly reposting and taking comfort in memes that they feel very connected to.

In your fast-paced lives full of tension and worries, memes are here to bring you the distraction and give you a good laugh. Memes make you laugh when you would rather break your head or want to scream at the top of your lungs, social media allows everyone to enjoy the laughs, even at a sensitive topic. There are a few health benefits I feel associated to the meme culture:

1. They allow you to start conversing about mental health without feeling shy

Mental health problems are serious, but what memes help you with is the fact that you start accepting how you feel. Memes make you feel less alone and when you tag a friend, you both know you can take action about the problem.

Memes give you a way to discuss problems, depressive memes have become a positive trend. The humour in memes has proved to help relieving pain, even if it is temporary, when you tag and share memes, you find a similar group who you can laugh it off with.  

2. They allow you to smile about all good or bad times.

With political news taking over the world, and people fighting over the elections, memes make us have a positive outlook.

Whatever your work may involve, one gets tired by the end of the day. These memes can bring a smile to your face when you see that you are not alone in the helter-skelter kind of existence without a pause.

3. Memes have emphasized the importance of self-love

With memes such as above, people make promises to themselves, to value themselves more than anyone else. This helps one get rid of the negative thoughts and its harmful effects on health. It makes you feel confident and handle life positively.

Similarly, the meme above shows the importance of taking care of yourself. These are quick realisations that happen subconsciously while we scroll down our Facebook news feed. When we like and share these memes, our mind registers the thought and inspires us to take care of ourselves.

4. Memes encourage supporting your loved ones

We all know how difficult a task it is to drink water. Most people forget to drink enough water required per day. Drinking water has known health benefits like it prevents headaches, dehydration, helps lose weight etc. With memes like these, you tend to tag people who you care about to remind them to drink water. Thus, helping in everyone’s well-being.

To sum up, memes have been an instrumental method of communication on social media. They allow us to talk about any topic in the world, sensitive or not, positive or not, in a funny way. With these flooding up our social world, it is impossible to ignore them. Hence, we must take them positively and let them subconsciously benefit our health. Remember, they are supposed to be humorous and entertaining, and not to be taken seriously.

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Hishma Shah


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