4 Ways To Improve Health Using Your Imagination

The Law of Attraction put in similar words, is the magic that allows you to manifest whatever you focus on. When you use this magic in a streamlined process, it can change your world. There is a universal force that surrounds you all the time, it understands your thoughts and actions and shapes your future accordingly. Through this article, I want to make you aware of how extensively we ourselves attract back what we give to the universe. I want to emphasise the connection between your mind and your body to prove that your health is in your hands.

Health is not only about your physical body, it is also about your mind and how you feel emotionally. When you have positive thoughts, you tend to attract happiness and feel good about whatever situation you’re in, which can improve your physical health. Hence, the fact that the law of attraction affects your health makes perfect sense.  

Now let me explain you a method of using this magic of the law of attraction to boost your health:

1. Use visualization tools

You need to be 100% clear about what is it that you are seeking for. For example, if you want to reduce your weight, then you need to specify how many kilos or inches and by which date. Visualization tools include simple practices like keeping a photo of someone fit you take inspiration from. You can also make a dream book with photos and description of things you want. The aim is to train your brain to believe that you can achieve your goals.

2. Use positive affirmations

These are positive statements that you need to say to yourself or your friends to remind you daily that you can achieve it. For example, I have the perfect health and body. I am healthy and I feel young, alive and energetic.

3. Release negative thoughts

When you feel negatively about your health or disease, you will signal the universe to give you more of that disease. As soon as you realise this and turn your thoughts into those of good health and wellness, you will feel that you attract positivity and start to feel healthier.

4. Believe and feel the joy

To start believing, you first need to de-stress and then the process of healing begins. Invest time in yourself and to do things that genuinely make you happy, feel the joy that you want to feel once you are cured from the disease. Talk to others as if you no longer have the sickness, feel thankful that you have improved health. This technique certainly works because you believe without a doubt that you will be healed.

Remember, it is not what happens to you, but how you handle it, that makes all the difference. Positive thinking has innumerable health benefits; positive thinkers have healthier lifestyles and research shows direct correlation between positive thoughts and healthier lives. They also have improved immune systems and a study at Harvard found that people with positive moods lived at least five years longer than otherwise.

To effectively use the law of attraction to get improved health, you must feel the joy throughout the process. When there is no scope for doubts or negativity, you will see a surprising change in your overall health and body.

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live!- Jim Rohn

Good luck, and enjoy your improved health!


Hishma Shah


Graduated from Cardiff University UK, Hishma is passionate about writing, from college application essays to a variety of articles on subjects ranging from food, travel to construction and politics. Providing digital marketing solutions mainly in terms of content writing.