Top Reasons Why Ice-cream Is Our First Love Forever

Ice-cream, the one thing that doesn’t need any reason to be loved, we love ice-cream, nevertheless and unconditionally. Whether you are old or young, a girl or a boy, single or in a relationship, heart broken or full of joy, tea drinker or coffee drinker; ice-cream will always be your priority, sometimes even more than your Bae.

Top reasons why ice-cream is our first love forever-

1. It is always there for you-

All you need to do is open your freezer and dig in the ice-cream. Whether you are in a good mood or bad, whether you want to talk about your sibling fights, boss issues, mother-in-law gossip, ice-cream will make a damn good company.

2. There’s a flavour for every mood-

Whether you feel fruity or chocolaty, nutty or Nutella, there is literally a flavour to satisfy all your taste buds. From charcoal flavour to Gulab Jamun, you will never go wrong with any ice-cream flavour.

3. It can be customised-

From cold stone ice-cream, frozen yogurts to personal toppings, ice-creams come in all shapes and sizes. We love ice-cream milkshakes, especially at Baskin Robins, you can convert any of your favourite ice-cream into a milkshake and sip it!

4. Ice-cream always makes you happy-

It will never ever let you down, never cheat on you or judge you. It only gives one unlimited happiness and beyond. It takes care of your feelings, doesn’t upset you and calms you down. Ice-cream is personally my favourite dessert and I am sure it is everyone’s go-to dessert.

Yes, ice-cream has it all covered for you, it activates the pleasure senses in your brain and is scientifically known to give you happiness. I’ve seen all foods slowly making an ice-cream version of themselves, like ice-cream sandwiches, ice-cream waffles, ice-cream dosa and so on; and why not? It is just so much cooler to be an ice-cream!

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