The Most Ordered Indian Dish Of 2018: Food Trends By Zomato

Zomato is one of the largest food delivery app in India, and if you've ever lived in a metro town, you're bound to order it in food. With the growth of urban population in cities across India, delivery apps like Zomato are becoming increasingly popular, not only among young people but also among older foodies who are looking to explore new restaurants around them. The Zomato app is now available in 120 cities throughout the country and has recently released some interesting food trends, not only in the online ordering area but throughout the range of services known to the food supplier. The trends ranged from facts concerning the ordering and eating patterns of some of India's major cities to an insight into what the Indian taste prefers, at least in urban areas.

Here are some interesting tidbits and food trends from 2018 that were shared by Zomato:

1. Chicken Biryani Is Most Ordered Dish: The delicious slow-cooked biryani meat and rice dish-chicken was the most ordered food on Zomato in 2018 by the Indians.

2. North Indian Cuisine Most Popular: Zomato revealed that North Indian dishes were the favorites of customers throughout the country, both when ordering and eating.

3. Most Numbers Of Orders Came From Delhi, Ahmedabad: Zomato received the highest number of orders from Delhi NCR among the Tier 1 cities, while Ahmedabad rose to the top among the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

4. Indore Had More Midnight Binges Than Mumbai: In a surprising trend, people in Indore ordered food from Zomato at about midnight, more than people from Mumbai. Now we know about another Indian city, which never sleeps!

5. Users Ordered More From Home Than Office: Another surprising trend in online ordering showed that people ordered food in their homes, much more than in their offices. The number of orders received for delivery at home was five times that for delivery of office food! Are urban Indians more and more like couch potatoes?

6. Cash Is Not King?: In 2018, cashless transactions were Zomato 's preferred method of payment. The figures show that only 28% of Zomato users paid for their orders in cash.

Here's an infographic made by Zomato, which shows the details of all their major food trends of 2018:

zomato 2018

It's not it. Zomato also revealed that a Delhi customer has ordered food over 1000 times over the past 12 months through the app. That means he placed nearly five orders a day last year on Zomato! That's pretty cautious. Well, one thing is certain-urban Indians have discovered the convenience of online ordering and if these trends indicate anything, food supply companies will only grow in the next few years.

Image Source: TechCircle - VCCircle


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