7 Motivational Tips to Train your Brain to Hate Junk Food

Junk food is an addiction and common problem among all of us. People crave junk food and they are unable to resist the temptation. 

The reason is junk food is tasty and packed with fats, salts, sugars, and additives which tempt people to eat it more and tastes all the time. 

You'll be less productive if you eat junk and sugary foods. Although eliminating them from your diet is difficult, all hope is not lost. Even if you are a junk food addict, keep in mind that certain strategies can help you overcome your addiction. To make them a habit, you must practice them on a regular basis.

Stop eating junk food for 3 days 

Remove all the junk food from your house. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water. If you don’t want to drink too much water, you can add cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger, or cinnamon to your water for a flavorful taste. Try mid-day healthy munchies like fruits, chia pudding, natural peanut butter, and some tasty salads recipes. 

Plan your meals before time

Planning a healthy diet in advance is important because junk foods are so handy and can lure you easily when you are exhausted from a long busy day. Therefore, planning a breakfast meal or mid-day snacking is important. You can accumulate healthy ingredients before the day and get your preparation done in advance. 

Workout and sleep more

It’s true that when you are working out more, you sweat more. And you get great sleep when you work out daily. The body needs rest when you exercise heavily. Eventually, sleeping more benefits you from eating less. When you sleep before 11 pm, you can easily avoid late-night eating. Regular exercise promotes healthy sleep behavior. 

Chew 32 times 

Chewing food promotes fast digestion of the food. If you eat slowly, you eat less. 20 minutes of eating gives a signal to your brain that you are full. So, you just need to slow down your eating and start chewing your food. Chewing 32 times your food doesn’t bloat your stomach, you feel full and avoid eating more. 

Focus on colors

Colors on the plate play a major role. Orange, red, green, yellow - these colors arouse your appetite and make you want to eat more. You may have noticed most restaurants present food with various colors and plates and make the environment soothing to you. 

You first eat food with your eyes and then with your mouth. So, keeping the colors on your dinner plate makes a major difference. Add some colorful salads, rice with veggies, soups and some fruits. You will enjoy your dinner to the fullest and make a good game plan to avoid junk foods.  

Choose white plates for presenting colorful meals. And also use small plates to reduce the amount of food consumed. All these tactics work great for your no junk food vow.

Keep sugary food away

Sugar is your biggest enemy. Try to avoid eating chocolates, cupcakes or any other sweet item. Losing weight has a direct relation to eating sugar. You can enjoy tea or coffee with sugar, but other than that, avoid eating sugars from the above-mentioned food. 

Have cheat days 

Avoiding junk food for a longer time is impossible. But you can always enjoy it twice a month or thrice a month. It won’t impact your diet and neither will it gain you immediate weight. Moreover, cheat days are a great reward system for you when you are successful in meeting your health goals.

Bottom line 

Remember, your health goals are for your betterment. So, avoiding junk food, drinking more water, eating slowly, working out every day, and sleeping more is good habits that will benefit you for a longer period.

Keeping measurement of your food is important. Eating with mind and attention is also important because you should know how much and what you are eating more. Hunger has a direct connection to your psyche, so following mindful eating habits are necessary for life.

Avoiding chronic diseases by adding healthy food habits is the next step to your junk food-free life. So, are you ready to take on a junk food challenge? Comment your answers below.

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Saloni Desai


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