Top 3 Attractive Indian Models Who Are Ruling Instagram

There are numerous celebrities out there who are doing great on the TV show and has numerous followers on Social media. But, do you know that there are so many stunning and hot ladies who are like fire on Instagram. But they are not from any Bollywood or silver screen background, and they belong from the common background like me, you or anyone who has an exceptionally gorgeous face and lead exciting lives and post pictures on their Instagram account. So, we decided to compile a list of Indian Desi beauties and attractive ladies who are equally beautiful and sexy like TV stars and have an incredible presence on Instagram. We always compiled the list of the hottest Bollywood models or international model. But then we thought, why we don’t do something ‘Hattke’ from others. So, we are here to bring you some of Desi attractive faces of Instagram. These ladies are unbelievably attractive and share their steamy and racy posts on Instagram and have gained massive numbers of fans on social media.

Have a Look of Indian models on Instagram, including commoners who are rocking with her amazing posts:

Neha Malik

This sexy and stunning lady Neha Malik never skip any chance to amaze us with her fantastic photoshoot posts. When it comes to a photoshoot, she is not shy at all. If you are on Instagram and not following her, then, believe me, it is not worth to be there on Instagram. When the temperature gets high around you, it's because you've been checking out her appealing posts. If you want to catch more of her, then add her on Snapchat also. She has uploaded 5,995 pictures of her and has more than 2million followers.

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Dj Rhea (@djrhea)

Another name in the list of the attractive model is Dj Rhea which is known to Instagram addicts & lovers. She has over 281k followers, and her hot pictures are enough reason to tell you why she is a top heart ruler Indian Instagrammer model currently. She is stylish and bold DJ. She took the internet by storm with her hot and bold avatar in photos shoots.

Sapna Vyas

Sapna Vyas is physical fitness and life coach and has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram. Her pictures give a fitness lesson to all the ladies that staying fit could be so hot and make you this much hotter. Her sexy and stunning images are giving us a major fitness goal or two!

We know all men were eagerly waiting to see the name of hottest girls on Instagram so that they can follow them. To make all the men's Instagram account worth to use, we have unearthed these brightest Indians Instagrammer. These are some of the names of attractive, hot models of Instagram. So, tell me which one of these Instagram beauties is your favorite? You can thank us for this on our comment section box and if you want to stay tuned with us then must check our blogs regularly.

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