6 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Passion Your Profession

Does it sound a bit of a cliche to you too when someone says - "I'd rather work 80 hours a week for making my dreams come true than 50 for someone else's."

Ah, as easy as it is to say.  In the end, it all boils down to practicality and sustainability.

I don't deny any of that, as it is embedded in us. While growing up, they emphasized enough on maintaining a balance between hobbies and education, with a prime focus laying on education. How's that a balance?

It's not. It's a sham

If you're certain about what solves the purpose of your being. What feeds your soul. What is it that makes you want to eagerly wait for another sunrise then here's what will happen once you enact on turning this dream into a reality.

1. You'll call the shots

There are no hours to be clocked, no one to report to, no constant need of keeping everyone happy once you ditch the job that doesn't let you be you. What's all the money worth if you're not happy 70% of your life?

You'll have more time to understand your limits and the energy to push it.

2. Responsible by choice

Now you do not need to be responsible because that's what they expect from you. You've got to be responsible and self-reliable because, if you won't do that for yourself, there's no one in hell anyone else will.

You'll be your biggest critic and your biggest validator - Is there a feeling better than that? Do tell, we'll wait.

3. Contentment

Just like happiness can be achieved if you do whatever the hell you want to do. Contentment is what you feel when you're satisfied not only with the results of your hard work but with the journey of it.

The money will always be money. What you did to get that money is what helps you sleep better at night.

4. Empowered & Alive

Is what you'll feel once you begin to wake up and do what you love. You'll be motivated to do great things. Not for a pat on your back, but because it gives you an adrenaline rush. You won't have to waste energy in trying to do something that doesn't even make you feel great about your job.

Pause. Breathe. Look around. Do you want to do this for the rest of your life? If not, stop it. Money gone will return. Your time most certainly won't.

5. "What Ifs" are good

You can think it through. Whatever it is that you're scared about, might not happen or it may. But that's all right! At least it will be your own hell you'll be living in and no one else's? You'd be the person you were meant to be, and no one can put a price on that.

6. You'll fall in love with yourself

Quitting your high-end job to earn from what you're passionate about brings out a version of you that you never knew existed. You'll finally push your boundaries. Take the risks you never dared to earlier, and when it all works out. You'll know you did it. It's yours. ALL YOURS. There will be no denying to that.

When we say make your passion your profession, it can be another job. A job that's far liberating than your current one, a job that doesn't only provide money, but also bigger goals and liberation. Trust us, when you're good at what you do - motivation, respect, and happiness will follow.

Image Source: Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash


Shreya Singhania


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