5 Simple Ways Of Sharpening Your Mind

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of keeping your mind sharp. We are all part of a fantastic economy of intellect and information that thrives on ideas, creativity, and intelligence. Keeping your mind sharp will surely give you the edge over the competition and, more importantly, will lead to your own higher happiness levels

I'd like to share some of the practices I've found that keeping my mind sharp is extremely beneficial and can also help you:

1. Continue reading, knowledge absorption and culture experience

Sorry to use a quote from a cliché, but education is not life preparation, education is life itself.  It should be something pleasurable. Read blogs on topics in your field as well as in new fields about which you know nothing; read books; watch lectures on fascinating new topics; read about ancient societies; take on a new form of art that you have never experienced; get the idea Challenge your mind to expand your horizon continuously and soak up new information like an infinite sponge (which is pretty much what it is, you should use it to do just that).

2. Learn a skill or craft that you have never tried before, such as playing an instrument, composing music, painting, building a model aircraft, or even coding computer programs

Commit your mind to learn a new ability. You're never too old to do this, but you should definitely start as young as you can. You would be surprised how much learning a new skill in your mind will open up many new paths and help you get even better at whatever you are already an expert. By engaging in a new hobby, art form, or trade, you will also open yourself up to tons of new connections and intellectual social circles.

3. Do not write everything down to improve memory

If you can, try this for a week: write down as you normally would at the beginning of the week everything you need to do, but take your list and put it out of sight. Instead of keeping the list visible at your desk, internalize your projects and just remember and know what needs to be done, prioritize it and do it. You might not have to write down anything to remember it all.

4. Give your mind time to assimilate knowledge

We live in a culture in which we constantly experience and learn new things and receive new information. What you've learned and where you're going is vital to put it all in the right perspective. While running, some people do it well, others listen to music, and some people make art. Find your own place where you can assimilate and frequently frequent everything you've learned.

5. Eat well, sleep well and practice frequently

It is essential to give your mind the right rest and energy to get the best performance out of it. This one is pretty self-explaining, but people often forget that in order to function optimally you need proper fuel and rest. It's also a surefire way to mentally rejuvenate your physical body through the paces. If you feel stressed, inspired or depressed, a few days of nutritious food, good sleep, and vigorous exercise will bring you back to your full self as soon as possible.

Image Source: Jon and Missy Butcher


Alpa Kher


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