Experience the THRILL of the PRICE SLIDER at MeanBuy and Catch the BEST PRICE!

MeanBuy is one of its kind revolutionary online shopping destination that gives you the freedom to choose your own price and your own convenient delivery date. The store aims at changing the way India shops and break the monotonous mechanism of shopping online by bringing the concept of “Price Slider" which adds value and thrill to your shopping experience.

Inspired with a vision to let the buyers have control on the buying price, this concept of MeanBuy gives multiple price options to the buyers for same product, so that they can go with the one of their choice. It simply makes shopping more convenient, exciting, and more money saving affair.

We are a group of IT professional/mathematicians/business people who understand what it feels like to have the best price deal in hand. We have palpated the pulse of Indian shoppers and hence tried to conceptualize and present what is missing in the world of e-commerce in India. Our “Price Slider" lets you save cost and time by allowing you choose the price that you want to pay.

MeanBuy is fuelled by the passion to serve the best prices to its customers throughout the year. We put an end to your wait for festive discounts, hectic search for coupon codes, and ongoing research to dig out the best deals for your chosen products. To accomplish the best customer experience, we present the most user-friendly way to shop for quick and convenient gains.

It’s Simple! Shop the Price Slider Way!

  1. Choose your preferred product
  2. Scroll the Price Slider
  3. Track the changing prices and delivery dates
  4. Choose the price you want to pay
  5. Checkout and receive the product on chosen delivery date

Don’t wait anymore! Choose your product and pay the best price.


Naved Khan


Naved has 7+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Evolved into establishing CodeMax Media in 2016, he has built numerous results-driven websites and digital marketing products ever since.