Bringing Fashion & Comfort at your Doorstep in Surat

Shweta - Fashion at your Doorstep is the only company who send salesperson at their customer's doorstep with the products which they have asked for. Shweta - Fashion at your Doorstep customer's have flexibility and freedom to try and choose products at their own place at their convenient time. Shweta's begins the journey in 2016 with the promise to deliver the best shopping experience to you at your doorstep. In one year, we have delivered shopping experience in 1000+ homes, expanded to new areas in Surat, Improved our collection further with products from new cities and worked extensively on the improving our experience. In 2017, we refreshed our Brand with the promise to enhance our experience further and continue to deliver the best possible fashion at your doorsteps. Our new identity is our promise to you to bring the best fashion and shopping experience at your doorstep.

Shweta's Fashion is now also available on Android App

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The best thing about us is that our service's are free of cost.

  1. if its too hot outside
  2. if its too cold
  3. if its raining
  4. if you have a busy schedule.
  5. if you are tired and dont want to go out

Below is Our Service Cycle. Know how we work:



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