Makeup Foundation Types For Different Skin Needs

Foundations are the most essential part of the base. It is extremely necessary to figure out which is required and is perfect for your skin needs. A good base begins with good skin but the next best thing is your makeup foundation and how it works on your skin’s chemistry. There are many types out there, so let us know about a few;

Not all foundations are the same, they vary in function depending on the formulation – which includes not only the ingredients but also the packaging and the texture itself, whether they come in cream form or powder.

Liquid Foundation - Liquid foundation is the more popular kind among makeup users, it’s easy to work with and it’s conveniently packaged. Liquid makeup foundation formula can vary from matte to dewy. Although in most cases, liquid foundation will always turn to semi-dewy or semi-matte after long hours of wear, and that just comes with having water in the formulation.

Cream Foundation - Cream-based makeup foundations work well for dry skin, most cream foundations are suitable for the colder seasons and on mature women because loss of moisture in the skin happens more often around these times. Cream-based foundations can come in pots or sticks and are usually dewy finish unless set with powder.

Cream To Powder Foundation - Cream to powder foundations transforms from cream form to a powder finish when transferred on the skin. This helps for a more matte finish and like most types of foundation contains silicone but the main difference is that it is able to melt into a powdery texture. Most cream-to-powder foundations give a semi-matte to a matte finish and feels light on the skin.

Pressed Foundation - If you have oily skin, a pressed powder foundation would be a good makeup foundation base for you to try mostly because it’s matte it can cover the shine effectively, although there are different foundations that are not necessarily in powder form that can combat oily skin, powder foundation takes it up a notch when combined with these foundations. A cult favorite is the Studio Fix pressed powder foundation by MAC, it holds shine and lasts a long time.

Tinted Moisturizers - Tinted moisturizers are not really foundation but they come close, they provide a sheer amount of coverage along with a moisturizer. Most products I’ve tried are pretty heavy on the moisturizer and could be not as good for oily skin.


Aneri Thakker


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