Kick Ass Waterproofing Makeup Hacks For Monsoons

While there are people who extremely love rains, there are also many of us who are worried about making changes in their clothing, skin care, hair care and makeup routines. The rainy season brings its fair share of climatic mood swings. If the rain doesn’t melt away your makeup, the rise in the humidity will. So does that mean you need to avoid any makeup this season ? Not at all ! Watch this space for some kick ass waterproofing makeup hacks for this weather !

  1. Waterproof Base - The humidity in the atmosphere leads to sweating which would affect your base, so it is necessary to apply a waterproof foundation followed by loose powder. One can also use a pan cake which can be applied dry or with a damp sponge. Keep the base light and simple and do not layer it up.
  2. You can add up your CTM’s (cleansing, tonning and moisturizing) before doing your foundation in order to make your base long lasting.
  3. Blushed cheeks - Avoid cream blushers, use a powder based blush in a subtle amount to add just a little bit of freshness to the cheeks. Over doing may not be a great idea.
  4. Keep those eye shadows subtle and matte. A single wash shadow should work perfectly fine. Earthy and pastel shades look great for this season.

  1. Make sure your eye liner is thin and fine and not over the top. Mascara needs to be waterproof. Adding 2-3 coats would work well.
  2. Opt for lipsticks that are pastel, pinks and corals, they go well with the season.
  3. It is advised to maintain the eyebrows in their shape because it tends to be a little difficult to define them during heavy rains.
  4. After coming back from a downpour, Gently cleanse your skin and moisturize it. One can also use an Aloe vera gel to smooth out the skin giving it a soothing effect.

So these were some tips and tricks to stay Flawless no matter what the season may be !


Aneri Thakker


Along with being a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Aneri writes on the topics of Beauty tips, tricks, Product Reviews, Makeup & Hair Tutorials and Lots more!