How to Quickly do your Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

Makeup application can be complicated if you do not know the right tricks and techniques. Follow these quick and easy steps to get flawless look Every time !

Step #1.  Moisturizer - It's the most important step before starting your makeup. Smooth, supple skin is your best base and to achieve this you need a Moisturizer. Apply liberally on a clean face and let your skin absorb the lotion or spray for a few minutes.

P.s. Make sure your moisturizer is oil - free or a hydrate cream.

Eg : Mac prep + prime, Clinique hydrate cream.

Step #2. Primer - Helps prepare the skin for makeup and makes it long lasting. It also minimizes the pore visibility. Look for a silicone based primer.

Step #3. Conceal - To cover the blemishes, dark circles or any flaws, use a concealer as per skin tone. Smudge it smoothly over the problem areas and then blend it well enough.

Step #4. Foundation - Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Use a buffing brush for the application and blending other than your fingers in order to avoid transferring your body heat to your face through fingertips.

P.s. Check your foundation shade on your forehead.

Set the foundation with a compact / Translucent powder.

Step #5. Highlighter & Bronzer - Makes your face look more sculpted and defined. Bronzer is normally matte and dark earthy shades where as highlighters are always metallic.

Step #6. Blush - Gives a fresh look to the cheeks. Pick a powder or a cream blush according to the normal - to - oily skin pattern.

Step #7. Brows - Perfectly defined eyebrows are extremely essential. One can either use an eyebrow pencil or a mix of black and brown shadows to fill up those brows towards perfection !

Step #8. Shadow, Eyeliner & Mascara - Gives depth and definition to your eyes. Always make sure to blend any lines in your shadow while you use more than one color. Choose an eyeliner that well suits your eyes and nice, smooth coats of mascara to give a healthy look to the lashes.

Step #9. Lipstick - Lipsticks are one of the flexible part of your look. You can mix and match colors based on your mood, outfit or even time of the day.

Step #10. Touch Ups - A few touch ups can turn your day makeup to an evening glam.  

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Aneri Thakker


Along with being a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Aneri writes on the topics of Beauty tips, tricks, Product Reviews, Makeup & Hair Tutorials and Lots more!