How To Handle Blemishes Like A Pro

Having a clear skin in something we all wish for but that just stays a dream.

With this lifestyle that we live in, maintaining a healthy skin care routine becomes a task and  the chances for acne, blemishes becomes higher. But one can still heal them and  avoid getting any!

What are Blemishes? 

Blemishes are skin imperfections like acne, pigmentation, dark spots etc. Usually caused by oil clogged pores and stress.

Guide to hide/conceal the blemishes like a pro :

Step One - Grab your primer and apply it all over your face to even out your skin tone

Step Two - Take your concealer and a thin brush and cover each of your blemishes generously, dab it with your beauty blender. Do not rub.

Step Three - Take your foundation and apply evenly to the entire face, blend well. Always remember blending is the key to a perfect and even looking base

Step Four - Grab your loose powder / Translucent powder and brush onto the entire face. Take some extra on your finger and dab it on the blemishes

Step Five - Use a professional buffing brush to blend the foundation in circular motions to make sure you've covered every area of your face and to avoid any patches

These steps almost hide all your blemishes just incase they're still visible, you can use a tone corrector on each of the visible blemishes and dab it using your finger


So these were some quick steps to cover your acne scars & blemishes using makeup. Apart from that, one can take these simple measures in order to avoid getting any.

  1. The best way to avoid getting blemishes is to prevent them from occurring. They need to be treated as soon as you spot them. Also avoid pricking them, it may just give your more of it.

  2. Wash your face with a cleanser in your daily routine, one that is good for dryness, white heads and black heads. Quit using harsh scrubs.

  3. A good sunscreen with SPF 15 should be the priority in your daily skin care routine. Sun rays irritate the acne and the skin exposed to sun can only worsen the case. so to avoid that, add sunscreen to your routine.

  4. Take a piece of ice-cube and cover it up in a clean washcloth. Place the wrapped ice cube on the skin blemishes for around five minutes. This exercise will cool the skin blemishes and reduce inflammation. Use this method as soon as you see a blemish appearing to get rid of the redness and swelling.

  5. Make a paste of a little bit of honey, lemon juice and a bit of turmeric powder. Apply this paste gently over the skin blemishes daily. This is a good tip about how to remove blemishes.

  6. Aloe Vera gel is a time-tested remedy for getting rid of skin blemishes on face and other areas. You can add 3-4 vitamin E capsules into Aloe Vera Gel to make this remedy more effective to remove skin blemishes, including facial blemishes.

So these were some tips and tricks to avoid getting any blemishes and acne, Along with some natural home remedies to heal them gently if you've got some.

In some cases the home remedies work sooner and in some it may take some time. Incase the blemishes still occur and do not heal even after treating them naturally, one must consult a dermatologist for detailing.

Please let us know if you find the above steps and procedure useful. Do share your views and comments below.


Aneri Thakker


Along with being a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Aneri writes on the topics of Beauty tips, tricks, Product Reviews, Makeup & Hair Tutorials and Lots more!