How To Deal With Bad Hair Day

Let's admit it, we all have days when our hair just don't set and it's a real frustrating situation trying to fix them And specially when you got to rush and got no time to shampoo and blow dry your hair. After facing a lot of mess, I came across these few notions which work wonderfully and turns my Bad Hair Day into a Good Hair Day!! Because when it comes to my Hair, I am very particular about them and i hate moving around with oily, dry or moist looking hair.

So trying out these hacks was a great experience for me!

 For Women:

  1. Accessories! Using scarfs, headbands, various kinds of clips, quirky and pretty looking pins are good to go with.
  2. Dry shampoo is your Best friend on a Bad hair day.
  3. If you have super oily hair then try to go for a wet hair look. There are like so many tutorials for the same.
  4. If you have a habit of keeping your hair open all day just like me, then try teasing your roots slightly. It does make a big difference! Also parting them on the opposite side rather than how you do it normally also helps!
  5. Messy updo is made for your bad hair day which gives you a quirky look.
  6. Also incorporating Braids gives you quite trendy look and Boom! Now you're a Bohemian!! Amazing isn't it?! I absolutely love this look!

Bad Hair Day For Men! Yess!! Even though they wont admit, Men too hate bad hair day just as women do!! But then every problem has a solution.

  1. Firstly, Wash your Hair Daily!! Do not go for hot, steamy shower. It isn't a good idea for your hair when the water is too hot it can strip the essential oils from your hair and scalp. This then leads to dryness and itchy scalp.
  2. Take it easy with the Towel guys! Do not rub in a rough manner that is the major cause for your Hair Fall and also your hair gets frizzy due to cuticle damage. Just shake out the excess water rather than rubbing your hair with towel and gently stroke it in the direction that it grows. You'll notice the difference in the way your hair looks!
  3. Use the right tools. Get yourself a wide toothed comb. Stay Trim! The best looking hair is always the hair that is freshly trimmed. About every six weeks, you should get it trimmed.
  4. Choose a Good shampoo and Conditioner/ Hair mask. Also Dry shampoos will always be your Best friend on a Bad Hair Day.

Let's deal with the Bad Hair Day and turn it into Good Hair Day using these tricks!!

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Aneri Thakker


Along with being a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Aneri writes on the topics of Beauty tips, tricks, Product Reviews, Makeup & Hair Tutorials and Lots more!