7 Steps To Frizz Free Hair

When it comes to beauty problems, Frizzy hair is another trouble most of us face. They occur due to various reasons, some of the most common causes are chemicals, heat machines like straighteners, hair dryers etc. All of these makes our hair dry and thus frizzy.

What exactly is a frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair occurs when dry hair collides with humidity. Those parched, porous strands suck up the excess moisture in the air resulting in the strands to swell.  Thus the cuticle of the hair lifts and the smooth tresses you left home with this morning are now a ruffled, haywire mess.

Here are some quick points to get anti - frizz hair:

  1. Using a moisturizing conditioner and shampoo because well hydrated hair is less likely to absorb water from the humid air and thus keeps your hair away from getting dry and frizzy.  Wash and rinse your hair thoroughly to evenly spread the conditioning, you can use a wide tooth comb to do so.
  2. Towel dry your hair rather than using a dryer and blotting your hair and not rubbing or wrapping them. You can detangle them with a wide toothed brush.
  3. Hair dryer should only be used once your hair dries 50% to reduce the damage caused due to heat machines.
  4. Using a heat protectant product can also help maintain the softness of the hair while styling them the way you want using a dryer or any other styling machine.
  5. Always use the nozzle on your dryer, and keep it pointed downward. Using a large natural-bristle round brush, dry your hair from roots to tips, one section at a time. One is never supposed to dry their hair all upside down. That would only give you more of the split ends.
  6. On the off chance that your hair is straight, softly spritz a child toothbrush with a sparkle shower, and skim over the fluffy corona. Keep wavy locks smooth by rubbing a pea-sized touch of an against frizz styling cream between your palms. At that point tenderly run your palms over the surface of your hair.
  7. Regular trims and deep conditioning once a week will maintain your hair in tip-top shape and always be gentle with your hair. pampered hair looks beautiful than you could ever think of!

Product Recommendations:

• Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

• Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Shampoo and conditioning balm

• Aesop Calming Shampoo and Dove Nutritive Solutions Conditioner

Heat Protectants & Shine Sprays:

• L'Oreal Professional Liss Ultime Heat Protectant

• Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray

• Toni&Guy Glamour Finishing Shine Spray

Image Source: Freepik (edited)


Aneri Thakker


Along with being a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Aneri writes on the topics of Beauty tips, tricks, Product Reviews, Makeup & Hair Tutorials and Lots more!