10 Kitchen Items You Can Apply To Your Face

Why spend on expensive facials when you can get even better results from natural home products? Yes, you read that right. It’s time we stop falling for the marketing gimmicks of the beauty products and go back to our granny’s beauty tips. This is not to say that the other products are harmful or don’t guarantee the promised results; but it is an observation from experience of friends and family that home remedies work miraculously.

Most of your fruits and vegetables used daily in all households contain beneficial vitamins and other properties to revitalise, rejuvenate and refresh our skin, making you look pretty and delaying aging signs.

1. Potato- my personal favourite is application of potato juice (optional – add lemon juice) for 5-10 minutes on the face/ all body to remove tan or dark spots. You can use it daily or three- four times a week for quicker results.

2. Tomato- another easy alternative to potato is the tomato mask, shows better results when mixed with honey, giving your skin a fairer and smoother feel in a few weeks.

3. Oats- the perfect homemade facial scrub can be made of oats mixed with honey and a little bit of milk or curd. Scrub your face with the mixture every morning, can leave the mask for a few minutes and wash off (rinse) lightly. It is known to give you glowing skin within a short span of time.

4. Almonds- can mix almond pieces with oats and rose water to use as a detox face pack. It helps prevents and reduce acne, gives a cleaner look, removes the impurities from your skin pores.

5. Orange- grate orange skin and mix it with orange juice to make a great deep cleanser and exfoliation mask for your skin. It removes tan, cleanses the skin and repairs your skin. You can add cinnamon to this mixture for better results.

6. Besan- one of the oldest hacks of most households for skincare is a spoonful of besan or gram flour mixed with a pinch of turmeric and honey (optional- milk or curd), this pack can be used to get rid of oily skin and sun tan. You can apply this all over your face and neck, leave till it gets dry and wash off thrice a week for best results.

7. Papaya- papaya paste is another easy hack for smoother skin, adds instant moisture and works to reduce blemishes when used regularly.

8. Bananas- don’t throw away your over-ripe bananas, they are perfect to moisturise your dry skin and act as the best exfoliators.

9. Lemon- use a few drops of lemon, can mix with water and/or honey to apply all over your face, it has antiseptic and antifungal properties. Also works in removing the oil, making your skin less acne prone. Not to forget, lemon has natural bleaching properties, giving you an instant glow on your face, don’t worry if it stings a little.

10. Coffee- take some ground coffee, and mix it with honey, few drops of lemon juice and turmeric powder in a bowl. Use this mixture and apply on your face in circular motions gently, this will help your skin get rid of excess oil.

Take care of your skin this monsoon, avoid oily and fried foods, consume a lot of liquids and fresh fruits. Enjoy these home remedies for beauty without any side effects!

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Hishma Shah


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